UPDATE: 3/16/2020

The Texas Gun and Knife Show that was scheduled for Saturday & Sunday March 28th and 29th has been cancelled due to coronavirus precautions. Janis Hill, the shows promoter said that the "Convention Center will be closed through the end of April."

The Texas Gun and Knife Show plans to return to the Abilene Convention Center, May 16th & 17th. For tables or tickets contact Janice Hill at 830-285-0575.

Find that perfect shotgun, pistol or rifle you've looking for at the Texas Gun and Knife Show.  The show returns to Abilene Saturday and Sunday May 16th and 17th at the Abilene Convention Center (formerly the Civic Center).

Show organizer Janice Hill says "some new vendors will be their however, this show still has several tables/booths still available. The tables/booths that are still available are in some prime locations within the Convention Center." If you're interested in setting up at this Texas Gun and Knife Show contact Janice Hill the show's promoter at 830-285-0575.

Photo by Janis Hill TG&KS