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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is saying the latest numbers of how we Texans behaved and practiced safety on our area Texas lakes during the Memorial Day weekend was better than in the past few years. That stated the Game Wardens would like to remind us that we must practice water safety at all times.

Texas game wardens say they saw a remarkable reduction in violations and citations that were issued during this past Memorial Day weekend in comparison to years past. Furthermore, there were fewer boating accidents and more people practicing boating, swimming, and lake safety.

During the holiday weekend, 352 game wardens conducted 10,218 safety checks on boats between Friday and Monday, issuing 62 fewer citations than last year. Texas Game Warden Colonel Chad Jones attributed this decrease to factors including the expansion of boating safety awareness outreach.

Game Warden Colonel Chad Jones said “First off, I want to commend those who conducted themselves safely and responsibly over what is always a busy weekend,” he said. “Our game wardens have focused on increasing boating safety awareness over the past year, and I think we are starting to see the fruits of that effort. Combined with our patrols on Texas rivers, lakes, and coastal bays, we saw a general reduction in cases over the weekend.”
Sourse: TPWD Col. Chad Jones press release

Unfortunately, wardens responded to 15 boating accidents and six drownings that occurred on the Rio Grande, Lake Sommerville, Grapevine, Blanco River, Cedar Creek Lake, and Lake Buchanan all in Texas.

Thus the reason our Texas State officials are offering these safety swimming tips we must all learn and practice.

Safe Swimming Tips From TPWD:

  • Everyone must learn how to swim. Take lessons.
  • Supervise all children at all times. Keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated. During the hot weather drink more water.
  • Do not swim alone. No matter how experienced you are NEVER swim alone.
  • Assess your personal skills. Don't chances or challenges when swimming.
  • Swim in designated areas only. Find swimming spots designed for humans.

The Department is also offering these other safety tips to make going to the lake, river, or coast more enjoyable. Just tap on the links below.

For more information about water safety, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Water Safety.

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