Every week we will ask one of our local public figures a few questions - some serious, some not so serious. This week, the CEO for the Boys and Girls Club of Abilene, Mark Young describes the political make-up of the Key City using his infamous pie charts.

Mark also dispels what he believes is the biggest myth about Abilene. Young hears this a lot from Abilene's youth.

What does Abilene need most? Mark noted that adding another airline would make travel to and from the Big Country less expensive to a connecting Southwest airline terminal.

On less serious note, Young reveals his inner canine noting that he shares the traits that are most like a Border Collie. Guess what dog he would never be. Spoiler alert they're small and yappy.

If you have any suggestions for future Talk of the Town candidates or questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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