Every week we will ask one of our local public figures a few questions - some serious, some not so serious. This week, the Associate Minister of the First Christian Church of Abilene, Brazos Condra is the 'Talk of the Town'.

Minister Condra says Mayor Norm Archibald does a great job. However, Brazos said if he were mayor for a day he would use his mayoral "clout" to have an 'Alamo Draft House' like movie tavern built in Abilene.

Condra discusses his favorite fishing holes in and around Abilene. While he doesn't really give away any secrets, he says that pattern fishing at Lake Fort Phantom is most productive.

Pastor Brazos admits that, describing Abilene's local art scene to other people may take a different approach depending on the state a person is from. Brazos reveals that he is the "product of the ACU pottery art classes" and that he once  turned pro before becoming a minister.

Finally, the preacher reveals the one question he would ask the master 'Yoda' of Star Wars fame. How to get his personal light saber to power up and function properly.

If you have any suggestions for future Talk of the Town candidates or questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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