Corks and Collars
Abilene Animal Services is having a pet friendly fundraiser called 'Corks and Collars' Saturday Oct. 14th at The Winery in Abilene. More details here.
Harvest Festival
The 2nd Annual Harvest Festival at Grapevine Farms in Abilene is scheduled for Nov. 1st. This will be an afternoon and evening of wine tasting, cooking lessons, socializing, organic food and live music. Grapevine Farms is a non-profit organization that focuses on organic chemical free foods. It's Abilene's only 'all natural' farm. Here are the details.
The Vintage Jazz Wine Trains in Grapevine,Texas Run March 22nd & 23rd
If you are looking for something fun to do this might be it. For those of us 21 and over this would be a fun, romantic little get away. Actually you can go just with your beloved but you can get a group together to go as well. Enjoy some great company, wonderful music and delicious wine. Oh, and you get to ride a train too!
Wine Wednesday — Napa Valley and the New York Giants: An Underdog Story
Gentlemen, welcome to your weekly installment of Wine Wednesdays. Today we are going to learn about the history of how Napa Valley wines became a respected wine region among wine critics around the world. Napa Valley Wines have become the high watermark of American wines, and for good reason; the most reputable winemakers in America are producing wine in Napa Valley...