See the Students of ‘Higher Learning’ Then and Now
In John Singleton’s 1995 film ‘Higher Learning,’ a group of students attend the fictional Columbus University. The diverse, good-looking cast may have looked like they came straight out of a college brochure photo, but the situation on campus turns out to be a lot less idyllic than that.
Local Students Honor Teachers Through Teacher Tribute [VIDEO]
For as long as I can remember I've been a member of the Teach Tribute Prize Patrol and on Tuesday our local the Prize Patrol visited a couple of schools in Abilene, one was Austin Elementary and the other is Wylie Jr. High. We had one goal in mind, to bring attention to the outstanding efforts and teaching abilities of two teachers that several students wrote in about. Ms. Moser teaches at Austin
Why I like the University of Wisconsin [VIDEO]
I've kept it to myself for a long time, but it's time I came out of the closet. I am a big Bucky Badgers fan and the reason comes from the schools band and the fans rather than the team itself. They are incredible, the students and fans remain standing through most of the game, they sing, they chant and generally have a great time while the game plays on. And yes even when the badgers are behind t
British School Bans Students from Wearing Makeup
If you think girls these days just grow up too darned fast, you’ll like this. Shelley College, a secondary school in Britain, thought its female students were painting themselves a little too heavily and spending too much time primping in the bathrooms, so officials banned anyone 16 and younger from wearing cosmetics.