For as long as I can remember I've been a member of the Teach Tribute Prize Patrol and on Tuesday our local the Prize Patrol visited a couple of schools in Abilene, one was Austin Elementary and the other is Wylie Jr. High. We had one goal in mind, to bring attention to the outstanding efforts and teaching abilities of two teachers that several students wrote in about. Ms. Moser teaches at Austin Elementary and Ms. Parrish at Wylie Jr. High.
When the students read the letters aloud to the rest of their classmates, the teachers began to tear up and in no time there wasn't a dry eye in the gymnasium. Teacher Tribute is designed to bring attention to teachers that have made a lasting impression on a child. What made this one different, was the fact that several students (without conferring with one another) wrote letters about one teacher in particular. As my father always said "if enough fingers are pointed, blame can be placed". That is exactly what happened this last semester, several students wrote in about Ms. Moser and how she has helped them cope and excel through difficult times. Any student can nominate a teacher that has helped them above and beyond the normal expectation of teacher responsibilities.
This video shows a previous Teacher Tribute winner.


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