Man Gets Bit by Snake
You've heard 'don't text and drive', how about 'don't text and walk'. This guy is texting and not paying attention. Watch him step on a snake and get bit.
Cat Versus Snake
If you've ever been around cats, you know how relentless they can be. Watch as this cute kitty is put to the test against a snake. The result may surprise you.
Squirrel Attacks a Snake
I too am like the guy taking the video, "I've never seen anything like this before." I guess the squirrel is hungry or maybe the snake ate the squirrel's babies. Who knows?  The fact remains this squirrel is awesome in my book because I hate snakes. Check it out.
Overstuffed Anaconda Barfs Up an Entire Cow
Every now and then, the internet graces us with video that's intensely fascinating and unspeakably vile at the same time. You know what we're talking about -- the kind of video that's guaranteed (better or worse) to stay with you for years to come. This is one of those. Don't say…
Snake in ATM Machine Is Scarier Than Hidden Bank Fees [VIDEO]
Ready for something scarier than your checking account balance? Folks who tried to make a withdrawal from this ATM machine got more than they bargained for in the form of a snake who lived in the device. As if the hidden charges most banks try to pull aren’t bad enough. Now we have to dodge snakes a…