Rattlesnake Safety Tips
With the Sweetwater Jaycees Rattlesnake Round up almost here and with spring just weeks away. It's time to brush up on some snake safety tips, here's a list of 'What to Do' and 'What Not to Do' from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. As an avid outdoors-man I learned something new from these lists, see what all you know.
Kevin Fowler's KFTV
Kevin Fowler says "the only way I handle rattlesnakes is with a 12 gauge shotgun." By Kevin's reaction when a rattlesnake handler rubbed a snake hook up against Fowler's leg, I would say Kevin won't touch a snake with a ten-foot pole. However, in this episode of "KFTV" Mister Beer, Bait and Ammo attempts to hold a six-foot rattlesnake with a three-foot pole. Can Kevin do it? Ch
Rattlesnake It’s Whats for Dinner [VIDEO]
  Rattlesnakes, some say "it's what put Sweetwater Texas on the map", others say "it's best served with coleslaw and an ice cold beer" and I say "put on some comfortable walking shoes 'cause there's a lot to see and do". If snakes don't scare you, then head over to Sweetwater Texas from March the 8th through the 11th for the '54th Annual Sweerwater Jaycees Rattlesnak