Hilarious Christmas Prank Ideas
Do you remember the video of the two brothers that were fighting over taking a simple picture for their mom on Mothers Day? You recall the infamous line "put on a tie!" Only for his brother to return wearing a tie over his crappy t-shirt? Well brother Tucker is back and he's p…
Human Chair Prank
It's Halloween time which not only means candy, trick or treating and parties, but people scaring the heck out of other people. Watch this prank that doesn't sit well with others as they are terrified of the 'Human Chair Prank'.
Men's Changing Room Turned to Girl's Locker Room Prank
Normally, guys wouldn't even flinch if presented with a chance to hang out in a girl's locker room. But, if you're not expecting it, it could be pretty embarrassing. Check out this prank that turns a men's changing room into a girl's locker room in seconds, to the shock of a…
Michigan High School Listed For Sale on Craigslist
It's the end of the school year and Seniors are about to join the real world. Before they do though, many of them like to prank the high school they have called home for the last 4 years. They like to leave a little something to remember them by. This high school prank is pretty funny and lucki…

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