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Rudy Searches Traffic
Every time I'm driving and I get into any kind of traffic, the James Taylor (JT) song "Traffic Jam" starts running through my head. So I went out during rush hour to find a 'traffic jam' in Abilene and video how bad my situation is. I'll warn you now, I may lose it on a few drivers so watch at your own risk. Plus I'm including JT's "Traffic Jam" video so that you too, may now b
Taylor Swift to Perform With Music Icon James Taylor at Tanglewood
Taylor Swift has been a fan of James Taylor’s music ever since she was a little girl. And she should be — after all, Swift’s parents had the soulful folk-rock singer in mind when they named their baby girl. The 22-year-old country superstar especially adores Taylor’s hit ‘Fire and Rain,’ and lucky for her, the ‘Mean’ hitmaker will have the opportunity play a few tunes — and maybe even her favorite