deer hunting

Santa's Reindeer
This deer hunter gives the rest of us deer hunters a bad name. Besides, who in their right mind looks through a rifle scope and shoots a reindeer? Check out the video.
Blake and Miranda
Take a look at an awesome video of country superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert as they hunt deer on the Vinson Ranch here in west Texas. Guess who bags the bigger deer though?
12 Point Albino Deer
An 11 year old Michigan hunter named Gavin Dingman just harvested one of the rarest deers ever. Gavin bagged a 12-point 'albino deer' while hunting with his dad Mick Dingman. Gavin told the Livingston Daily Press that he was so nervous when he saw the albino deer. The young hunter said he took his time and aimed carefully with his crossbow. Check it out.
Little Girl Shivering
This little girl is so cute. Her name is Savanna and she's asked if she's cold, she says "I'm not cold I'm just shaking". When dad asks why she is shivering Savanna says "look" and then points at her whitetail buck she just harvested. It's a clear case of 'buck fever' check it out.
Hunting Texas Whitetail Deer has Become Big Business [VIDEO]
The cool snap we had last week got me to thinking about one thing, Texas whitetail deer. I daydream about whitetails all the time and I wonder where the best places are for a good hunt. The Texas Deer Association (TDA is a nonprofit organization) is a good place to start looking for land with good healthy deer herds. The TDA assists farmers, ranchers and landowners to improve the Texas whitetail d