Sundance Head rose to national attention during his time on The Voice, and he hasn't stopped making new music. Hear a soaring love ballad called "How I Want to Be."

After touring with The Voice coach Blake Shelton earlier this year, Head is offering a hint of what's to come. "How I Want to Be" features unmistakable harmonies from Alison Krauss, and it's the perfect wedding song that finds the Season 11 reality show winner thanking his significant other for always standing by his side.

"You hold me close when I need you to / You're always there when I've needed you / The smile on your face lets me know it's true / I want to spend the rest of my life in this place along with you / For the rest of my life, in this place I want to go home with you / For the rest of forever, together is how I want to be / How I want to be," he sings to start "How I Want to Be."

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It's a traditional country styling with pedal steel, slowed percussion and light guitar accompaniment, and it nestles in your ear comfortably with the smart addition of Krauss, such a respected figure in the genre.

Upon Head's win on The Voice last December, Shelton called out Universal Records for their poor handling of winners from the show, urging them to do better with Head.

“I want to personally issue a challenge to Universal Records,” Shelton told reporters (quote via Yahoo! Music). “This is Season 11 of The Voice, and I’m sitting here right now next to a guy who has won over America’s hearts. He’s so popular … He has proven that he sells tons of music . . . I hope that we can all come together — meaning us and Universal Records. This is the guy that I think can break the mold and become a star out of this show. And I give my word that I’ll put my work in, and I know [Sundance] will. This guy deserves to be a star, and there’s no excuses anymore. We need to make the record and put the work behind it that he deserves, to have this success that he deserves. And that has to start with Universal Records getting involved and behind him.”

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