As country duo Sugarland continue to watch their current Taylor Swift-penned single, "Babe," make its way up the charts, they are relishing in the fact that their reunion brought them back to something they love the most: their fans.

“I think both of us probably feel the same way," Sugarland's Kristian Bush says in a recent interview. “We know what it’s like to have a favorite band, and I know what it would do to me if for some reason I had to wait for five years to see a show."

Sugarland took a five year break to pursue other interests, including their own respective solo careers. However, the fans are what ultimately made them get back together to make music again.

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“Just being there with these people who are such big fans of this music, and where the music touches them, it’s absolutely real to stand up there and know that you get to play for people the music that they love and that we love,” Bush says.

The country duo are currently getting up close and personal with those fans while out on their Still the Same Tour, which concludes Sunday (Sept. 9) in Philadelphia.

The end of the tour will once again allow both Bush and Jennifer Nettles to spend a little time at home with their kids, who Bush says he hopes have learned something via the duo’s reunion.

“I want them to see that you can’t force a relationship in the same way you can’t force a band,” Bush says in a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. “You just have to be who you are and always pray for wisdom, not direction. Life will come to you if you just let it.”

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