It all started when Demetri a former Greek restaurant owner and cabaret performer turned electrician saw and advertisement for 'Britain's Got Talent'. Demetri incorporated his son Lagi into the routine and they both auditioned for Simone Cowell and others, to the judges amazement the two were funny and actually the twosome found a way into every one's heart as their favorite act on Britain's Got Talent.
In 2009, the two continued to perform every week only to find themselves advancing to the finals and becoming world famous. Stavros Flatley turned Cry of The Celts, Lord of The Dance, and Zorba The Greek into hilarious and infectious performances you won't be able to get enough of. They have amassed a huge following and a compilation of videos that are now being marketed on the Stavros Flatley website. I found them wildly funny, do you think these two are good enough to perform for the Queen?
Source: Stavros Flatley