'SNL' has never been shy about taking on some of the most popular and controversial topics in the modern world, so it's about time it finally got around to making fun of HBO's divisive 'Girls.' In a fake promo for a new season of Lena Dunham's acclaimed show, guest host Tina Fey and the rest of the cast propose some changes to the program's dynamic that we can't help but wish would actually come to pass.

With Noel Wells playing Hannah, Vanessa Bayer as Shoshanna and Cecily Strong as Marnie, the sketch initially begins as a fairly standard parody of what 'Girls' currently is before taking a hard turn into what it could be. The video imagines an Albanian woman named Blerta (Fey) joining the ensemble, whose bizarre lifestyle clashes with the the rest of the group in every way possible. Suddenly, the girls' first world problems suddenly seem less important next to their new friend, who is one of the saddest and most broken characters imaginable. With her funny accent, sad eyes and never-ending supply of depressing stories and weary life advice, Blerta subverts everything we've seen on 'Girls.' Maybe life isn't that bad?

In typical 'SNL' fashion, the sketch captures the look of 'Girls' perfectly, with each of the performers reflecting their character's little tics and mannerisms. Everything is so close to the source that it's even funnier when Fey's wrecking ball of a character shows up to tear it all down.

Welcome back, Mrs. Fey. We didn't realize how much we missed you on the 'SNL' stage until right now.

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