Time will tell if we ever see The Simpsons attempting another theatrical venture, but in the meantime, mid-January will pad Season 28’s runtime a bit with a first-ever hourlong episode. The hour in question will re-imagine The Great Gatsby with a hip-hop bent, while you can see the first footage with star Keegan-Michael Key right now.

FOX released a new featurette of the Key & Peele and Keanu star voicing his character Jazzy James, a former rapper denied his chance at the big-time, and currently selling candles. The January 15 episode also features the vocal talents of Taraji P. Henson, Common, RZA and Snoop Dogg, while the synopsis reads:

Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul’s ex-wife, Praline. Elsewhere, Lisa begins dating a wealthy boy and Marge opens a boutique store.

Said executive producer Matt Selman of the Gatsy-inspired “The Great Phatsby”:

This was just going to be a regular episode, but the table read went so well, in a fit of passion and excitement and ambition and excess, we decided to supersize it. And we haven’t done a huge amount of stories in the world of hip-hop and rap culture, so we just went for it.

The episode will also feature Empire music producer Jim Beanz crafting original hip-hop songs for the episode. We’ll see more before the January 15 premiere, but stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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