Just as NBC’s Powerless carried on the late Adam West’s inimitable presence, so too will Family Guy keep our beloved Bright Knight alive. Producers confirm West recorded at least five more episodes for the coming season, after which Quahog’s mayor may never be replaced.

Seeing as Family Guy records well in advance of actual airings, Entertainment Weekly confirmed with executive producer Steve Callaghan that West recorded lines for five additional Season 16 episodes. The writing staff never seriously pondered if West’s un-aired recording were too tasteless to air, though the future of Quahog’s mayor remains an open question:

We haven’t exactly decided how we’re going to address the departure of Adam West’s character from the series. In fact, this is something that we’ve been dealing with concerning the loss of Carrie Fisher [who was a recurring guest voice]. But what I can say is that both of their departures from the show will certainly reflect the importance that each of those characters — and actors — had within our series. […]

If we do replace him, it would probably be a character that is very different, or maybe Quahog just goes without a mayor for a little while. There could very well be a situation where we leave that office empty as a tribute for at least some period of time. It’s been a little too painful for us really get too deep into that conversation just yet.

The full interview with Callaghan is worth a read, but in the meantime, Family Guy Season 16 will premiere on October 1, so stay tuned for the latest on Adam West’s final works.

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