Shovels & Rope give a status update on the nation, recapping some of the events that defined the year 2017 in their newest single "Great, America (2017)." Readers can press play above to hear the somber lyrics in the guitar-driven tune.

“This song represents our observations and feelings regarding many of the overwhelming events of the year 2017,” the husband-and-wife duo of Carey Ann Hearst and Michael Trent tell Rolling Stone. The lyrics dwell on the tragedies, both natural and man-made, that swept the nation in the last year, but they also address the uprisings and spirit of community that define Americans in the midst of turmoil.

"There’s a compass lost on the open sea / Another shooter in my community / There’s a steady stream of insanity / In 2017," the second verse chants, leading toward a rallying cry in the bridge. "Great, America / Come on, come on, come on / We’re baited in hysteria / There’s litter on your lawn / if it’s smokin’ while we’re sleepin’ / There’ll be fire in the dawn  / So come on, America / Come on, come on, come on."  

"You talk like this, but you live like that  / It says ‘go back home’ on your welcome mat  / Did somebody really say that the world is flat?! / in 2017," the duo continues in their trademark powerhouse duet format. "There’s constant unchecked brutality / A brave man takes a stand by droppin’ to a knee / Try to understand you, try to understand me / In 2017."

Taking action against the frustration depicted in their lyrics, Shovels & Rope are giving action to their words by donating all of the proceeds from this song when purchased in their online store to the  Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an organization that provides medical and psychological care to veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

"We hope that we can contribute to a constructive conversation about how we should be acting toward one another and set a good example in our own lives," the pair says.

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