The first time I heard Dustin Lynch's 'Your Daddy's Boots' I had to double check who the artist was because it sounded like a throwback classic to me. When I saw it was Dustin I was surprised but only because I really thought it was a Don Williams tune. I don't hear that in most of his songs but for some reason on this particular song he sounds like Williams to me.

Williams was known as 'the Gentle Giant'. He had a warm, inviting, smooth bass/baritone voice that emanated from a large 6' 1'' frame. He had cross-over success with his music because of his laid-back, smooth, from the heart delivery. That's exactly what I hear in Dustin's song 'Your Daddy's Boots'.

Listen to 'Your Daddy's Boots' Here

Don't forget you can hear Dustin live November 13th at the Silo as he headlines our Taste of Country Christmas Concert.

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