Dustin Lynch followed in the footsteps of his heroes, George Strait and Garth Brooks. Strait and Brooks both earned college degrees before getting into music. Many, including myself, think he's gonna be just as big as the two kings of country.

Dustin Lynch graduated with his pre-med degree from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, who would have thought that the country singer, with the winning smile, was on his way to being a doctor. However, music was all he ever dreamed of. Lynch grew up listening to George Strait, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson and wants to be just like them.

Dustin admits “They are such icons and seem so untouchable, but I thought, ‘Man that would be awesome to be like them.’ You just start taking steps.” Lynch goes on to say “I took a step and got in a band in high school. I took a step and came to Nashville and talked my way into the The Bluebird Café. I took another step and recorded a little five-song album in a basement in one day. These are little milestones and you don’t even realize they are huge building blocks to where we are today. It’s always something I dreamed of doing. I’m just glad I was dumb enough to give it a shot.”

Source: Dustin Lynch Facebook

Doctor Dustin Lynch has a nice ring to it, but I like singer/songwriter Dustin Lynch better. I agree 100% with the Nashville pundits that say "Dustin Lynch will be the next George Strait."

I can hardly wait to see him live Thursday night in Abilene.

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