iStock[/caption]Birthday party's are usually for kids but I've a 50th birthday party to plan. My honey has the big 5-0 coming up and I'm at somewhat of a loss. I just don't know where to start and he's not helping me much.At first I wanted to do a surprise party but that went out the window when he asked me what type of party I was going to give him. I've thought about a camo theme, an 80's party, a luau by the pool but after mentioning all of those he said 'isn't a 50th all black? And I want a band." To which I reply; "A band? Really?" Ok this just got serious!

So I guess I'm going all black on the theme. So with that part settled now I need food ideas and ways to decorate using said theme and apparently I need to find a band.

I've been scouring Pinterest and the web but I haven't found what I'm looking for just yet. So if you have an ideas or previous '50th birthday experience' please post suggestions in the comments section below. I need help!

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