Just six months after celebrating the chart-topping success of ‘Dirt Road Anthem,’ Jason Aldean was back to being the center of attention at yet another No. 1 party — this time for his recent smash, ‘Tattoos on This Town.’ The song topped the charts in November, marking Aldean’s eighth career chart-topper and fourth consecutive No. 1 hit.

To celebrate, Aldean and the song’s three writers — Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher and Michael Dulaney — gathered at Nashville’s hot spot, Bound’ry Restaurant, on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 7) to honor the song and their latest success on the charts.

“It’s crazy,” Aldean told Taste of Country prior to the party kickoff. “‘Why’ was my first [No. 1], which was in ’06, and we didn’t have another one until ‘She’s Country’ [in 2009]. We had a little time there where we didn’t have much success with No. 1′s; we had a lot of Top 5′s. It’s been good … it’s been great! For whatever reason, we have been stringing them together lately. This record … I don’t really know what to say. It’s been unbelievable for the songs and just my career in general. It’s definitely been a good run over the past couple of years with the songs and the last couple of albums.”

But Aldean wasn’t the only face in the spotlight Tuesday. ‘Tattoos on This Town’ marked just another No. 1 hit song in the songwriting careers of Mobley and Thrasher, while Dulaney experienced his very first with the tune. “It’s hard to do one time,” Mobley told us of scoring a No. 1 song. “But when you do it multiple times … you’ve just got to be thankful for that.”

“It never gets old,” Thrasher adds. “They’re all like our kids. What’s weird is you always think, ‘I wonder if this is the day that the well dries up?’ [laughs] I’m always thinking that.”

But clearly, that is not the case and today is not the day. In addition to the No. 1 hit with ‘Tattoos on This Town,’ both Mobley and Thrasher share co-writing credit on Rascal Flatts‘ ‘I Melt,’ ‘Take Me There’ and their current Top 20, ‘Banjo,’ Kenny Chesney‘s ‘There Goes My Life,’ Reba McEntire‘s ‘Strange’ and many more, while Dulaney and Thrasher are also writers on Aldean’s latest single, ‘Fly Over States.’

In addition to Aldean and the songwriters receiving new wall art on Tuesday, plaques were handed out to the singer’s road band, who have been with him since day one, as well as his record producer, Michael Knox, and his label, Broken Bow Records, among others.

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