I love, love, love kitchen gadgets.  I could spend hours in Bed,Bath & Beyond or on any gadget isle in the discount type stores.  So when my current toaster decided to burn my toast, not once, but twice on the lowest setting it was time to find a new one.  I was looking on line when I found this new Magimix Vision Toaster;  it's only about $250 dollars.  Yes, I laughed too.  I mean $250 just to toast a slice of bread.  But this isn't just ANY toaster.  This toaster has a viewing window so you can watch your bread turn a beautiful golden color.  It also has programmable settings, extra wide bread slots and more.   Now I think that might be worth the extra money.  I mean you do get to actually watch your bread turn to toast.   The only problem here is my current salary, it's just not in my budget to get a new toaster.  If you have one you would like to donate please drop it by the station.

oh, just in case you wanna check out this space age toaster here's the website.