Every morning we walk to the Wes-T-Go convenience store next to the studio to get a drink. So as I'm walking across the parking lot this morning I hear a little meow, or so I thought. I looked around but didn't see anything. I continue on to the store.

On my way back across I definitely hear the meowing now. I stop and look and see this tiny grey kitten under a big diesel truck tire. I was afraid he would get run over so I called another one of our personalities out to help me grab him/her.

We finally got her and brought her inside so we now have an 'official KEAN Critter'. She has spent the afternoon in the control room with me. I fed her and finally got her to drink some water. Now she is playing and even following me around. I think I've even found a name for her: 'transmitter'(or maybe not). However, I can not get attached. I already have 2 cats and 2 dogs.

If anyone is looking for a kitten and would be able to give it a proper, loving home, then I would be so greatful. She's precious, has a great personality, loves to play and sits in your lap and loves to type! She gets about 30 letters per minute.

She is grey with green/blue eyes and a little tiny tuft of white on her chest. For more information please call me (Shay) at 325-676-7711.

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