I love to try new and different things, especially when it comes to arts and crafts. I had heard of a new place in town called The Art Shack that lets you come and paint on canvas. I tried it last weekend and I'm hooked! I had seen Facebook photos of others paintings and I was amazed at how incredible they looked. Each painting was the same but at the same time had individual flair.

The classes are really neat. You register online, show up and paint. For most of the classes everything is provided, however, there are a few exceptions where you might have to bring a few items with you. When you get to the class everything is prepared and laid out for you. The instructor/owner Kina Tiemann then walks you through the whole painting process. You can not mess this up. It's fun and everyone is laughing, having a good time.

Check Out My Evening of Painting at the Art Shack

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