Commercials and Curb Your Enthusiasm are about as close to a Seinfeld revival as we’ll ever get, but in an age where new Twin Peaks graces Showtime, anything seems possible. In fact, giving Seinfeld the same eerie teaser as Twin Peaks’ return might just make the best case, in a new parody you have to see.

Editor Dominick Nero put together the brief parody, which inserts modern footage of the various Seinfeld stars in the same maddeningly cryptic format as the first Twin Peaks teasers. There’s no plot to speak of, but if we had to guess, George and Kramer have opened up a detective agency, and Jerry seeks out his long-lost friends to solve the Soup Nazi’s murder? It could work.

In any case, don’t get your hopes up Showtime will get ideas from the clip, as Jerry Seinfeld has already turned down down multiple revival offers. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also remains busy with Veep, but there’s always Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9, right?

New Twin Peaks will continue airing Sundays on Showtime, while Jerry Seinfeld also has Netflix specials upcoming.

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