Texas singer/songwriter Deryl Dodd had a very successful career going, when a life threatening illness sidelined his career.

After recovering from viral encephalitis, Dodd quickly got back to touring and opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. When his record lable folded Deryl came back to Texas.

In Texas, Deryl found his fans had been waiting for him. Darryl Worley fans, no need to search the web to find all of Deryl's 'official music videos’.

We’ve got them all right here.

"Somethin' Ain't Always Better Than Nothin'"

"Time On My Hands"


"A Bitter End"

"Pearl Snaps"

"Things Are Fixin' To Get Real Good"

"Honky-tonk Champagne"

"Back To The Honky Tonks"

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