The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is an activist group that is wanting the public to boycott "Johnson & Johnson" because of trace amounts of chemicals in their Baby Shampoo  and other products that could cause cancer in children. The group has been pushing this agenda for 2 1/2 years now filing their first request with the company in 2009. Johnson & Johnson say they are phasing out the chemicals in their products.

The two chemicals are dioxane and quaternium-15 and they release formaldehyde that could cause cancer. Formaldehyde was recently added to the governments list of human carcinogens. The chemicals are not in all J&J products but those that do contain them are being reduced and phased out says the company.  That's not good enough says the boycotting coalition.

There are 13 countries that carry the shampoo and products and some contain the chemicals while others do not. The United States, Canada, Australia are some that do currently contain the chemicals while Japan, Sweden and the UK do not.   They say if the company can already make products without the chemicals then they should be able to make all their products without them.

This is from the letter that was release November 1, 2011 by the campaign:

Yesterday, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics—along with the American Nurses Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility and more than 20 other parents’ and health groups representing more than 3 million people—sent another letter to Johnson & Johnson, asking the company to remove formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from all its children’s products in all markets worldwide and replace them with safer alternatives. The letter asked for the company to make a commitment by November 15.

Johnson & Johnson responded to this by saying they have already reduced the chemicals in current products by 60% in the US and 33% globally and that they will not introduce any new products with the chemicals.

As I mentioned this Campaign for Safe Cosmetics organization has been working for 2 1/2 years to get Johnson & Johnson to remove the  harmful chemicals. For more information check Facebook or The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website.