Del Kathryn Barton’s popularity amongst the experimental and high-art circles of Australia hasn’t yet made waves in the U.S. quite yet, but her next project might allow her to do just that. The teaser for her new experimental short film RED debuted online last week, and if you’re a fan of either Cate Blanchett or spiders, Barton’s film is for you. (If you’re a fan of Cate Blanchett and spiders, book your plane ticket to Adelaide right now immediately.)

In the film, Blanchett plays Mother, who “is venomous, eats her partner after sex and weaves a tangled web,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Barton says the film is inspired by the mating rituals of the Australian red-back spider, which is a kind of widow spider indigenous to the continent.

Here, our brave little male after copulating with the monumental female gently somersaults into her mouth, offering himself as a meal postcoital. If she is not hungry she will store his bound, dying body on her web for later consumption.

Looks like chivalry isn’t dead after all. In a Q&A with the Art Gallery of South Australia, which will house Barton’s film from late January to April of next year, Barton said that, to her, the spider’s mating ritual evokes “the poetics of female power as an inherent and, indeed, elemental force in the universe.”

The film, which, from the teaser, has an extremely Under the Skin feel, also stars Alex Russell and Charmene Yap of the Sydney Dance Company. The scenes of human characters in the film are intercut with fabulously up-close macro footage of the spiders, so if you’re a tad arachnophobic this might not be your scene. Or maybe you can suffer for art and for Cate Blanchett. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Or she’ll eat you.

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