He, Albert Zertuche was 12 years old when he started drowning worms off the Texas coast. An avid fisherman there's not a day goes by the Albert doesn't at least make plans or gets his gear ready for another fishing outing. This time, and for the second time in his life Mr. Zertuche caught, landed, tagged and later released a record setting twelve and a-half foot tiger shark. He never even broke a sweat, as you watch the video he remains calm and collected through the entire process.

Albert Zertuche had been fishing  in Corpus Christi, off of the Pier which extends about 1,200 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. Albert's big catch was estimated to weigh well over 1,000 pounds. The tiger shark is the Bob Hall Pier record, a Texas state record and could possibly be the largest tiger shark ever caught and released from a pier.