Video of Randy Travis‘s Feb. 6 arrest for suspicion of public intoxication has been released by the police who answered the call in Sanger, Texas. The footage shows a cooperative, albeit shocked, country legend being questioned and handcuffed before being driven back to the police station.

NBC 5 in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas edited the footage seen below. In the clip, officers appear to approach Travis’ vehicle in front of the Sanger Baptist Church and ask the singer if he’s been drinking. He answers yes, adding, “But I am not driving as you can see.”

The country legend steps out of the car, and officers then tell him he’s going to be arrested. “Are you kidding me?” Travis asks in the video. “You’re kidding me.”

After assuring him that they are serious, they handcuff him. The officers recognized their suspect as Travis, though he did not have identification on him. His familiar bass voice is unmistakable throughout the video, however. “Will anyone drive me back to my vehicle?” Travis asks on his way to the Denton Country Jail.

TMZ reported after the initial incident that Travis was arrested following an argument with his girlfriend. He was jailed for six hours, and released with a Class C misdemeanor. He has since apologized, promising to be “responsible and accountable” in the future.

Watch the Video of Randy Travis’ Arrest

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