Michael Jordan was one of the biggest names in basketball for many years, then he retired, retired and retired. He hasn't played professionally since 2003. Yes, there were many comebacks for Jordan and now his shoes have made a comeback too. The Nike Air Jordan's haven't been on the market since 1996 and now there is the Air Jordan '11 Retro Concourse and seems everyone wants them. So much so, in fact, that mayhem ensued almost like Black Friday all over again.

People lined up for the $180 shoes and police had to be called in to control the chaos. There was pepper spray, trampalings, arrests and even gunfire as the shoes went on sale all across the country. Doors were ripped off their hinges and other damage done as people pushed their way inside when doors were unlocked.

The shoes retail for $180 but are being re-sold online for more than $500 a pair.

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