Randy Houser announced in October that he was putting the release of his new album Magnolia on hold temporarily. The original Nov. 2 release date was pushed back until January, Houser said, to ensure that the "music is shared as [he] originally envisioned." Houser also hinted at the time that he was working on something special to release with the album, and in a recent interview with Taste of Country, the artist finally spilled the beans.

"What we haven't really been telling anybody is that we have a short film that we've been shooting. The music from Magnolia ... it's the background for the whole thing," Houser says, explaining that the delay was caused by events out of his control.

"... Actually, it's a movie," Houser says. "A lot of the shooting was going on down in Louisiana, South Carolina and the Houston area, when the hurricanes were coming. So all of our shooting schedules got pushed back, and there was really no reason to put the album out without the other big piece that goes with it."

The singer says that while the film features his music, he says that he doesn't appear in the movie much himself except for a few scenes and a couple of lines. "It's not one of those things that I wanted to insert myself all up in," Houser says.

The plot of the upcoming film tells the story of a blue collar worker and the struggles he faces. "It's basically about an oil rigger who is dealing with a lot of family issues, and meets a girl ... and I'll just leave it at that," Houser shares of the movie. "It's kind of dark."

Magnolia's new release date is Jan. 11 and includes "What Whiskey Does" as well as a song featuring Lucie Silvas called "Our Hearts."

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