Willie Nelson's life is full of tales seemingly too tall to be true, and the legend's story of smoking marijuana on the roof of the White House in Washington, D.C., seemed worthy of a Snopes investigation. Or at least it did until the former President of the United States confirmed it.

Then-President Jimmy Carter not only confirms the story in a new documentary called Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, he adds detail. Outlets including the Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly (where there is a clip) previewed the movie and share that Carter's own son Chip was the one who accompanied Nelson to the roof. Together they took in the traffic lights and admired how all roads lead to the residence on Pennsylvania Ave. They also lit up a joint, or an "Austin Torpedo," as Nelson said in his own autobiography 20 years ago.

It happened in September of 1980 as Carter's only term as president was winding down. Chip Carter (who now goes by James Earl Carter III) confirmed the story as well, although he had more or less done that several years ago when GQ got Nelson to admit his friend's identity. In that profile, journalist Chris Heath phones Carter's middle son, who seems to confirm it but hangs up before elaborating. So everyone knew, but finally — 40 years later — we really know.

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President was released on Wednesday (Sept. 10). The film explores the now 95-year-old president's relationship with dozens of artists, including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, the Allman Brothers and more. Many of the entertainers still living speak on Carter's legacy throughout the documentary. In 2020, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood (who both appear) continue to work closely with the Carters.

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