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In my over 45 years in Abilene, I've seen businesses come and go. Some of which are still around today and many started right here in the Key City. I ran across these old television commercials while I was looking up an old business.

These old vintage television commercials brought back so many memories and reminded me of many others. While I started wanting to list just the "Top 10 Old Television Commercials" there are others that I just can't leave out.

Most importantly, let us remember these are old ads. Caution though, because some might have you raising an eyebrow or wondering out loud "were we really like that back then?" The answer is a big fat YES. However, we must keep in mind, we are constantly changing people.

That said, let's hit play on some of the vintage television commercials, and the first one up is from a restaurant that originated in Abilene only to become a national chain. It was located on South First Street and the original sign above the building came into question years later only to be taken down ( it was a man in a sombrero waving).

Taco Bueno Ad From 1987

The next old television commercial is well, a bit edgy if you ask me. It's a local nightclub that was hosting a beauty and dance contest to cast ladies for a new Hollywood movie titled "Star Dancer" and to sign up ladies had to call a local Abilene radio station. Check it out, and see what you think.

Butterfield Junction Ad from 1988

While this next commercial is vintage 1990 the bank this commercial is for, was one of the first banks to open in Abilene. What's amazing is that the bank is still here today, but I do not believe you can buy land for $4.50 an acre. As the ad says they are part of Abilene's heritage. Take a look.

First National of Abilene 1990

Wow! this next old tv commercial is a political ad from 1990. While I can honestly say, "I don't remember the commercial" the content doesn't surprise me because that was the mentality of the times. What do you think?

Clayton Williams for Governor Drug Ad 1990

How would you like to own a "brand new mobile home" for only $99 a month? Where can I sign up? While the original mobile home sales company is no longer there a newer company has taken over their spot at 1050 N.10th Street. It's only two bedrooms but it sure looks comfy.BTW, can you still buy R-7 insulation?

A-1 Mobile Home Sales (still in 5 other Texas Cities) 1987

This Abilene original hamburger restaurant chain was the first to offer a quarter-pound burger for only $.99. Just looking at the Mr. G's burger in the TV ad has me jonesing for one right now. The man that started the company Frank sold it to open the first Golden Corral in Abilene in the 1990s. Warning, watch at your own risk of getting hungry.

Mr. G's 100% Pure Beef Burgers 1989

This is incredible, I just realized where my mother bought that dining room set that's in her house. Better yet I never knew it was of Italian design. Nonetheless, this tv ad takes me back to my youth.

Haverty's Fine Furniture Abilene 1987

West Texas has lots of hot weather and if you want to keep your house and car cool this next Abilene only company was here to take care of you. Window tinting was all the craze back in the day.

Texas Sun Shield Window Tinting for Home or Auto 1988

Do you remember these two Abilene grocery stores one was Super Duper and the other was Furr's? Both were of the same company and shared the same television commercial. Check out the price of bacon back then.

Furr's & Super Duper Supermarkets 1987

You will recognize the voice but maybe not the face. The man that founded the local Rescue the Animals non-profit, Paul Washburn can be seen in the ad below selling roof repair products.

Abilene Mobile Homes 1988

In the Market for a brand new car? How about a new 1988 Trecell, Corolla, or a Camry watch the commercial and see what catches your eye.

Toyota Of Abilene 1988

Camcorders were very popular in the 80s and 90s. Today they have been by something that fits in your pocket. I do not believe that the big and bulky camcorder will ever make a comeback. If you don't know what that is check out the ad to find out.

Gifford TV & Electronics 1988

See how many of these businesses and/or products you remember, ranging from the late 80s into the early 90s. See if you recognize some very young TV news anchors like Jim McCurdy, Liza Burgess, and Eric Summers from all the Abilene TV Stations. It'll bring back great memories and is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy.

Various Old Television Commercials Fron the 80s and early 90s.

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