So I was watching TV last night and saw an add for Puerto Rico and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  I would love to go somewhere in the Caribbean but the violence in the Mexico area has me concerned.  So it got me to thinking about Puerto Rico.I visited the website the commercial suggested and found all kinds of information but I would rather now your take on the Island.  Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory you don't need a passport or change your currency.  It seems like it's a world away but you have all the luxuries of being in the states.  Most cell phone company's include Puerto Rico in their unlimited plans these days, the major pharmacies and such have stores on the Island, Spanish is the language but English is spoken as well, it's beautiful and exotic.  So my question is have any of you been to Puerto Rico and have any advise to share?  Is this a good/bad trip, what did you like or NOT like about it.  What kind of activities did you enjoy; fishing, sailing, boating, snorkeling?   What about the food, I love to eat, what do you suggest?  Share your stories with me if you will....I'm ready to hit the beach!!!