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Want to get away to the beachfront to swim and cool down? It is more possible than you think, and it can happen in and around Abilene like Johnson Park and West Texas like Clyde Lake, Lake BrownwoodLake Proctor, and more.

While these are not oceanfront beaches, they are still beachfront openings to large bodies of water. Our local area lakes offer more than just a place to go swimming. Many offer shaded areas for a picnic, barbecuing, and family gatherings and some have playground equipment as you'll see in some of the photos.

Know that some rules may apply and many lakes may have burn bans in effect.

While I have been at most of these lakes there are special rules that every city puts into place for safety and to preserve the natural scenery. If you are planning on going to any of these lakes please be aware that there are a lot of "Burn Bans" in place. So you may want to take a picnic basket with you.

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Furthermore, many of these lakes are free to get in and enjoy. However, there are some lakes that will charge either by the person or by the car-load. Make sure you call in advance to know what it takes to get in.

For example, Clyde Lake is free to get in for "Clyde residents" and you must bring proof of residency. Non-residents will pay $2 per person to get in for the day.

Nearly all locations charge for camping privileges, so make sure you reserve and find out what amenities are provided, like bathrooms, covered pavilions, and RV hook-ups at some places.

Plan, prepare, and enjoy, but more importantly, stay cool

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