Jean-Paul Sartre’s seminal existentialist play No Exit shares a title with a newly-announced project starring Miles Teller and Josh Brolin, but perhaps it shares more? As firefighters heroically rushing into burning homes to rescue those trapped souls, do they not share the same flagrant disregard to the perils of death as the three damned souls trapped in Sartre’s banal Hell? Picture the sooty faces of Teller and Brolin, gleaming with sweat — the look in their eyes is not all that different from the despair visible in Joseph, Inès, and Estelle as they must reckon with their own wrongdoings.

Bad jokes aside, yeah, Teller and Brolin will play firefighters for Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski in a new film called No Exit, relating the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite crew of firefighters tasked with stopping a wildfire from engulfing an Arizona town in 2013. In the battle against the blaze, nineteen crew members lost their lives, but the town was ultimately spared from the fire, and America got a gleaming tale of heroism. Variety broke the exclusive last night about this gestating project developed by Ken Nolan, though any additional details have yet to emerge. But to take a shot in the dark, the age disparity between Teller and Brolin hints at a older vet/young buck dynamic — think Se7en, or pretty much every cop movie ever. At this early stage, there’s really no telling how this production will go, though we can be sure it won’t hold up to comparisons with Smoke Jumpers, the unfinished Vincent Chase firefighter vehicle from season 5 of Entourage. But hey, what could?

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