Hopefully Bleed For This is more Creed than Southpaw — but like Antoine Fuqua’s disappointing boxing drama, this one also features an aggressive, relentless white boxer who must overcome tragedy to get back in the ring. The first trailer for the upcoming film has arrived, featuring Miles Teller in the role of real-life boxer Vinny Paz, who refused to give up on his dream even after a car crash left him with a severely broken neck. It’s like Whiplash, but with actual whiplash.

The first trailer premiered over at Sports Illustrated:

Bleed For This certainly looks like it hits those familiar “based on a true story” drama beats: A promising talent who defiantly overcomes tragic obstacles to achieve his dreams and warm your heart. But it also plays in the same sandbox as Whiplash, with Teller once again playing a character who is dangerously dedicated to his craft and suffers for our entertainment. That could be a good thing, or it might be a bit redundant, but Teller is consistently charming, so it can’t be as bad as Southpaw, right?

The new boxing drama was directed by Benny Younger, best known for the Vin Diesel financial drama Boiler Room. Here’s the official synopsis for his latest:

In Bleed for This, Miles Teller stars as Pazienza in one of sport’s greatest comeback stories: the true-life tale of how the Rhode Island brawler tragically lost almost everything just as he reached the pinnacle of his profession and how he defied medical science and common sense to return to the ring and win another championship belt. Aaron Eckhart costars as renowned boxing trainer Kevin Rooney, and Katey Sagal and Ciaran Hinds play Paz’s understandably concerned parents.

Bleed For This also stars Katey Sagal, Ciaran Hinds (who looks like he’s playing Andrew Dice Clay), Aaron Eckhart (not always a great sign) and Ted Levine, and hits theaters on November 4.

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