So today I get on Facebook and I'm ready through posts.  There are some  birthday posts and lots of folks wishing everyone a great day and the usual stuff.  Then there is that one post that just sends me into a tizzy, searching the internet to see if this is about to really happen.The post is one from a gun related organization called Anything About Guns and the post reads:

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are saying on July 4th, 2012 the government is raising the legal age to own ANY firearm to 45. 

We'll keep you updated on this issue.

I hit the internet doing a search about the subject and all I'm getting is each states policy on gun ownership laws.  So I go back to the Facebook page and look at the status again.  Then is dawns on me.

Today is APRIL FOOL'S Day!  Guess I'm a fool!

So what is the last April Fool's joke you fell for or better yet what's the best joke you've played on April Fool's day?  Please share so we can laugh at you or with you!!