After four straight years of high gun sales in America, it appears that what's been driving this historic trend of firearm purchases may be slowing down. Sales of over 1 million firearms appear to be shifting due to the concerns of government gun control as well as our own personal safety.

Who's leading the charge for gun sales? Mostly new gun buyers who have never owned a firearm before, including women and minorities concerned about their safety,  according to the most recent report from the Washington Examiner.

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According to the report, the difference between gun buyers from a few years ago to now is that many have feared liberal politicians would ban gun sales altogether and they might not be able to protect themselves.

The BBC recently reported the growth of violent crime in the US, and the NRA exposed some criminals for using social media like Facebook to negotiate gun and drug deals. A recent gun-related crime was a carjacking of a Texas congressman in a heavily trafficked area of Washington, D.C.

These sorts of crimes serve as a reminder of why Americans continue to choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Last year I wrote about how Texas was leading in gun sales.

So where is Texas today? Smack dab in the middle of the rankings at #31 on the That's even taking into consideration that Governor Greg Abbott signed into law that Texans do not need a license or training to carry a firearm.

What is more shocking is the fact that some of the states regarded as having the best gun laws are also the states with the most gun deaths according to and

While other states are topping the list of highest gun sales per capita, Texas appears to be cutting back. However, there is one thing that really rubs me the wrong way, and that is that Texas is now near the top of the list for mass shootings. If you suspect something, please report it.

 Here are the 10 States with the most mass shootings:

  1. Illinois: 57
  2. Texas: 50
  3. California: 49
  4. Pennsylvania: 34
  5. Florida: 31
  6. New York: 31
  7. Georgia: 29
  8. Louisiana: 28
  9. Michigan: 25
  10. North Carolina: 21

If you ask me, I wholeheartedly believe we need to stop this craziness. And if you're going to buy a firearm, get some training.

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