There's a new desk that is transforming offices all across America, it's called the TrekDesk and it appears to be helping many Americans with one popular New Years Resolution weight loss. Losing weight is the most popular resolution, but now we have help from a simple piece of office furniture, a stand up desk that incorporates the electric treadmill.
This treadmill desk is a full sized, height adjustable workstation that compliments almost any treadmill. The most common complaint from almost all office workers is, the lack of exercise. Now while engaging the core muscles of the back and legs, this desk lets employees walk at a treadmill while working, accomplishing the tasks normally completed sitting at a desk. Burning calories effortlessly without sweating, enhancing health, increasing energy and productivity, all during normal office hours and helping you lose weight. If you think this desk is a thing of the future, think again because it's currently in use at major corporations. According to the TrekDesk CEO, Steve Bordley says the TrekDesk is in the offices of companies like Humana, GlaxoSmithKline, Best Buy and Mutual of Omaha.

Most of the emphasis on the use of treadmill desks has been directed towards the success of burning calories during the day and subsequent weight loss. However, recent studies have proven a significant gain in mental abilities may be gained by walking at work as well.

source: Steve Bordley TrekDesk CEO

Memory capacity has been proven to increase by as much as 15%, the study was conducted by the University of Chicago. This same study also found an increase in brain efficiency.

The video shows the desk in use.