Lindsey Wilkerson a St. Jude patient was just named as the Godmother of the new Carnival ship Magic.  Wilkerson was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 10 years old and after three years of treatments at the Memphis Tennessee hospital doctors pronounced her cancer was in remission. Young Lindsey went on to finish high school and college. She became one of the ALSAC (the organization that raises money for St. Jude) fund-raising members in 2004. Today she is a volunteer specialist helping to engage and support St. Jude volunteers across the country. Wilkerson also volunteers as a tour guide at the hospital and is a member of the organization’s Family Advisory Council and she is the president of the St. Jude Woman’s Club. Now add to her list of responsibilities and titles, "Godmother Of The new Fun-ship Magic." Not only did Carnival Cruise lines make her Godmother to the new ship but Carnival gave half a million dollars to St. Jude, and Carnival has pledged to continue raising money with every cruise.


Lindsey Wilkerson smiles

I have known for many years that Carnival is not just about Fun Ships and family cruises, but everyone on the Carnival crew, from your luggage porters to the cabin stewards to the Captain of the ship, they all help, they all give back to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Last year, all the people that were on the Ship during the Rudy Cruise helped raise over $5,000 that went straight to patient care. Carnival guests get  involved in fun, games and surprises and with that, the guests help St. Jude continue its work for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

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