Country's newest duo 'Curtis and Luckey' stopped by KEAN 105 yesterday to visit with  me and Pete during our morning show. As I always do, I tell our visitors, "whenever you're in the area, drop by and get on the air with us". I've only had a few of takers in my entire broadcast career. Past repeat visitors were Trick Pony, Mindy McCready and before that, Kenny Chesney. Well, add to the list 'Curtis and Luckey' and they came bearing gifts for our listeners.

Country's hot new duo whipped out their guitars and were singing their songs live on the radio in what seemed like a rushed interview. I learned that, they had to be in Weatherford Oklahoma in five hours for 'sound check' so they sang a couple of songs and I played two more off of their brand-new debut album. Much to my surprise, Brian Curtis says "I want all the KEAN listeners listening this morning to get a free copy of our new album. Just go to this website over the next couple of days you'll be able to download our new album free, just enter your email address". Wow, when was the last time I had an artist visit and then offer their entire album free for download to all our listeners? Never or at least as far back as I can think of.

It pays to listen to KEAN-105 all the time, because you never know when an artist drops in and offers up the whole album. Now, I've had an artist offer a song or two before, but never the entire album. Thank you Curtis and Luckey you guys are awesome.


What song do you like the most off of their album? Will you go see them play live if they're ever in the area? Who do you like more Curtis or Luckey?