Twinkies, one of my favorite tasty treats, I was wondering how can you possibly make a Twinkie any better? Add chocolate that's how. The "New Chocolate Twinkies" are out and obeying all speed limits, I drove as fast as I could to my local grocer to get a box of the heavenly delights. With all ten Twinkies in a box, present and accounted for I systematically started handing them out to everyone I knew was a fan of the little golden sponge cake delicacies. To my surprise, all but two of whom I shared my treats with did not care for them.
Of the two hold outs, one was afternoon on air personality Super Dave Wheaton and he said "I loved it!". The other was my morning show partner Pete, he said "I'd have to be in the mood for a chocolate Twinkie, but they're all right." Now onto the haters, Shay in-the-midday Hill said "oh, no no no, you do not need to be messing with a classic, there's only one Twinkie, straight out of it's wrapper or deep fried!" As for everyone else they just didn't like them, my one cop friend (our resident doughnut connoisseur) said "it's almost sacrilegious, it just doesn't seem right."
The New Chocolate Twinkies are out there, get yourself some, try it and tell me what you think, are they "pass or fail?"