I have to be honest since my Duke Blue Devils were booted from the NCAA tournament I really haven't paid much attention to the games.  However, it looks like Kentucky is headed to the Final Four.  There first in more than 10 years.Rapper Jay-Z apparently attended the game and afterward went to the locker room to offer congratulations to the team.  Or did he?  Some are claiming that Jay-Z actually went to sway two

Kentucky players to play for the New Jersey Jets.  Jay-Z is a minority owner of the NBA team and the two Kentucky players,  Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones are potentials in the pro draft.  What Jay-Z did isn't a violation of any NCAA rules but apparently the NBA has some other teams that are upset by his personal visit with players as it might pose a problem for them come draft season.   Looks like Brandon and Terrence are going to be some hot items in the future but right now they have a college tournament to concentrate on.  Hopefully, this story or investigation won't distract from that concentration.