All construction is annoying because it's an inconvenience to us. However, there are some more annoying than others. Some of these are road construction others are businesses but all are a pain. I realize it is necessary to do these things and there really isn't ever a good time for it. As the banner across Hendrick Medical Center fencing says:"building for tomorrow". So here are my top 5 choices for most annoying construction in Abilene.

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    CR 604 and 1178 in Oplin

    This one is the least annoying because it really won't affect to many people but as I stated earlier all construction is bothersome to someone. The equipment is out, the signs are up and the piles of dirt are unloaded. Not really sure what is going to be done, looks like just some minor repair work but this is on the road to the Grand Ole Oplin. Actually about a mile from the old high school where the dances take place each Friday night. So if you are planning on heading out that way just be aware of the small construction area.

    Shay Hill
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    Pine Street and North 17th

    This is one of the many intersections along Pine Street that is under construction. However, this one is near the hospital and therefore has tons of traffic. If you've been down Pine St. lately you, of course, know that construction stretches from N. 6th all the way to Ambler. This is what they are calling a "rehabilitation" project. Creating a median all the way down Pine that will eventually have trees planted in the center and also repaving the street. Hopefully construction will be completed this Fall.

    Shay Hill
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    Pine Street and Ambler

    This intersection begins the construction project and runs south down to N.6th in front of the Civic Center. All traffic is reduced to one lane in the construction area therefore making travel difficult. This is also near the hospital and there is much congestion in this area. The best thing to do is allow yourself extra time and be patient. I noticed, as I was driving this area, it's especially difficult if you have a doctors appointment and aren't familiar with the location of the office. You may have to make a couple of turn-a-rounds to get where you are going.

    Shay Hill
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    Hendrick Medical Center

    Construction work at the hospital has been on-going for more than a year now. There are multiple phases in the medical community surrounding the hospital have and are taking place in order to make it one large campus, so to speak. The emergency area is complete, the front entrance is complete, adjacent medical and doctors offices are being completed. The joining of buildings however and moving of offices, closing of entrances etc. have been more than a small adjustment. I personally parked in one area thinking "the doctors office is just right here". Nope, the entrance was closed and the only way to get to the other door was to walk all the way around the hospital. I could have driven around but I didn't realize until I was half way down one side of the building that there wasn't another entrance so it was just easier to walk around. Now I'm sure there was some way to go through the hospital and get where I was going but who new so I walked. They are making great progress, though, and honestly the facility is looking really nice. Once it's finished everything should be in one area so you don't have to drive all over the place.

    Shay Hill
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    Have you been inside the south side Wal-Mart in the last couple of weeks? A mess!! I had everything in that store memorized now they've gone and moved it all. They are currently working a remodel of the store. Have the registers are never open, this is normal but more than annoying, now they've added all the construction. It's not just sections either, it's all over the store. On the grocery side, the isles have been removed and products moved to other areas. There are pallets in the isles and you can't get to the center refrigeration tubs. The general merchandise side has isles removed, floors torn up and again everything is moved. I understand the need for an update/remodel but two weeks before school starts when the store is packed? Why wasn't this started earlier in the summer? I guess, really there is no good time to do something like this with a large store open 24/7. Hopefully it will be worth it and the store will look great.

    Frank Pain