There was a McFlurry of police activity last week at a McDonald's in Delray Beach, Fla.

Police arrested Jerry Henry, 19, after he took out a rifle at a Mickey D's drive-thru when the eatery ran out of ice cream for an overreaction that will freeze your brain quicker than any sundae you'll ever devour ever will.

Henry was a passenger in a car ordering food when the driver became angry after learning there was no ice cream.

Employees, who watched on surveillance camera as Henry walked to the trunk and took out what looked like a rifle, called 911 and hid in a restroom.

"The rifle was actually an airsoft gun, but police said it had no markings to indicate it wasn’t an actual AK-15 rifle," reports WPTV.

Police managed to make it to the McDonald's before the situation escalated. Henry is facing a charge of improper exhibition of a firearm, but not the much less legal-sounding -- although totally true -- "being a complete idiot."

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