From late-night tales of inadvisable drunken romance to Bachelor-inspired breakup tales, country's latest music videos are full of imagination and story-telling power. Read on to get to know all your new favorites!

Mitchell Tenpenny, “Alcohol You Later”:

For many listeners who've had their own crazy nights, Mitchell Tenpenny's music video for "Alcohol You Later" may spark some hazy memories. The TK McKamy-directed clip features Tenpenny and a dark-haired woman in two locations over the course of the video: His apartment loft and the bar. The common denominator? Alcohol. The story unfolds as Tenpenny sings "And now it's one more last time / We swore we wouldn't / But it's one more sunrise breaking through these curtains / And I know when we're sober we'll both say, "it's over" / But it ain't really over / Cause alcohol, alcohol, alcohol you later / Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol you later." Tenpenny's project was filmed in Nashville's Printers Alley, and as he tells Taste of Country, "It's a place I've grown up going to. I used to do karaoke there and drink at the bars!" -- CV

Kalie Shorr, "Awake":

Kalie Shorr has released the music video for “Awake (Pop Mix)” -- and to say the singer is excited about the new project is an understatement. Shorr says the video is a "Nicholas Sparks/World War Z mashed up universe," and it's her favorite video to date. The music video was directed by Quinton Cook, and she gushes, "He’s a freaking genius and I know we all know that but like... now we know he’s genius-er." American Idol alum Jonny Brenns plays Shorr's love interest in the video, and is also featured vocally on the pop recording.

She sings in the chorus, "I'm the only one who's still awake / I'm the only one who makes you feel awake / Seven numbers away / When you need to be saved / Somewhere in the space between tomorrow and today / You know my shoulders are there to carry the weight / Cause I'm the only one who's still awake." Press play above to see  exactly what a world meshing Nicholas Sparks and World War Z looks like. Shorr previously released a country version and video for "Awake," which you can watch here. --CV

Colt Ford, "How You Lose a Woman":

Colt Ford taps TV's The Bachelor Ben Higgins to play a role in the music video for his new song, "How You Lose a Woman," the debut single from Ford's upcoming album. In the video, Ford plays the janitor in an empty school, where a busy and stressed teacher (Higgins) is dealing with a frustrating phone call. The janitor starts counseling the distraught teacher, who comes to terms with his loss and the failures that led up to it. --LS

Joy Williams, "Front Porch":

Joy Williams tells a tragic, all-American story of racism in the music video for "Front Porch." The video tells the story of a black family who enters a dingy small town diner, only to be forced out by the white owner in the midst of sneering customers. A redheaded waitress is seen later with the son of the black family, sharing a forbidden love story under the watchful eyes of disapproving parents and friends. The video flashes forward in time after the young couple is forcefully separated, and the redhead goes on to create an acceptably white family while the young black man makes history as an astronaut, but finds himself still missing something from his front porch. --LS

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